Coder Needed [HIGH Pay!]

My idea for a game is based off the Purge. The game that takes place the day of the purge, you’ll initially spawn in a lobby. From the lobby you will be teleported to the map where the purge has not started yet. You will have about 2 minutes to hide, gather supplies (food, and such to heal. Your health will not regenerate in the Purge,) and find random spawning weapons. When the purge starts the weapons you found become usable, and the war on the streets begins. Players that survive the night win that round , and earn in-game money (which can be used to buy better weapons, masks, armor, etc.

Add me on Skype if interested: StarMarine613
Pay is flexible but we will start at 100,000 Robux , or 250 USD.


You gotta be kidding me lol. good thing I have a plan B

Best of luck!

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seems to be lacking though, imo

Well, this one’s still on the table.

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I detect upcoming friendly competition oooo

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needs more wood grain


tbh the combat there is trash, and is full of gzgers

The project will be moving forward.

Got one person on the project, would like to have at least one more. Pay is the same!

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