Codoudou's Portfolio

This portfolio is outdated, and i am not for hire as of now.

About Me

Hi there! I am a scripter with 2.5 years of roblox scripting experience that has scripted games with over 1,000,000 visits combined!


Games that I've worked on (Outdated)

[20X EVENT] 🕒Time Wasting Simulator 2🕒 - Roblox
[UPDATE⭐] Strength Grinders💪 - Roblox

Games I made while I was new to developing games (Private)

[Final Update] Clicking Simulator - Roblox
zaydoudou's First Obby - Roblox
🔥[New Area]Clicking Simulator 2 - Roblox


I am mostly available at weekends.


I am offering my commissions for 50-1k robux based on the difficulty.


You can only contact me here on the Developer Forum!
Thanks for taking your time to read here! :slight_smile:


I’d suggest you make some expamples, Then make a portfolio.

Atleast send links to your games/game you worked on,

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