Cofe Cream Handbook

Cofe Cream Official : This is The Official Cofe Cream the Roblox Cafe Roblox group platform.
We’re revolutionizing the building with our unique game approach and Machine Of cafe.
The Following information that is going to be stated will help guide those who want to know more about Cofe Cream Official.

Join our group, get a job, rank up, work at Cofe Cream… the possibilities are endless!


This is all our main Games

Social links
:palm_tree: Chairmain’s Twitter :
:coffee: Cofe Cream Official Twitter :
:ice_cream: Official Youtube : Cofe Cream Official - YouTube

Ranks Description

Guest or Visitor : The personn who needs to join the group

:fork_knife_plate: Customers : A normal member of the group

:shopping_cart: Noted Customer : Excutive rank.

:bread: Trainee : Members who have passed the application at the application center.

:bagel: Junior employer : Someone who has attended one training. and passed. Also obtainable by purchasing the “Junior Employer” gamepass.

:pancakes: Senior Employer : A staff member who has passed two trainings.

:waffle: Head Employer : The highest LR rank. Achieve this rank by passing your third training.

:cup_with_straw: Staff Leader : The first MR rank. Members must pass an MR application to have this rank. Has the ability to host shifts and train lower ranks…

:beer: Kitchen Supervisor : The second MR rank. This rank can supervise the sessions and the Cafe, train at trainings, and host shifts. Reach this rank from being a Staff Leader and being a hard worker.

:maté: : Operations Manager - The first Third MR rank that can host trainings. They can also train and host shifts.

:cupcake: Assistant manager : The Fist highest HR rank achievable

:sandwich: Manager : The second highest HR rank achievable

:dumpling: Manager Intern : The third highest HR rank achievable.

:cheese: Executive Assistant : Rank Coming Soon

:herb: Chief Human Resources Officer : Rank Coming Soon.

:sunflower: Chief Public Relations Officer : Rank Coming Soon.

:ear_of_rice: Chief Operating Officer : Rank Coming Soon.

:rose: Chief Administrative Officer : Oversees the Public Relations and Human Resources department.

:brick: Automatisation : Cofe Cream’s Bots ranked by Chairman.

:zap: Developer : Helps provide updates for the game and manage the Studio.Same1978,Earth_1919 and our amazing Developer AEW745.

:toolbox: Board of directors : The helpers, moderator, Administrators, Discord rankers and Roblox group rankers.OVER_X9,noen_oberu,jayjack_sgaming,redasirri2010,HeatherLee90,Me

:hibiscus: Vice Chairman : The co-owners of the group and higher role than Board of Directors Luis12343elpro.

:palm_tree: Chairman : The owner and founder of Cofe Cream builder, Scripter Developer**Mrnox**.

Training center

Welcome to the Session

Announcement Channel! Is this the only message you see at the moment? This means there are no trainings/shifts being hosted at the moment. If you’d like to be pinged whenever there is a session, you may react with :alarm_clock: in reaction roles.

Sessions Schedule

Session One: 12 PM GMT

Session Two: 5 PM GMT

Session Three: 9 PM GMT

Session Four: 11 PM GMT

When the session concludes, the host will delete their shout from this channel.


Trainee - Manager intern can join the Training Center at any time. However, we encourage you to join only 15-30 minutes before the session begins.

Staff Leaders+ may join 45 minutes beforehand to have a chance at becoming a trainer, co-host, or host.

Sessions usually last thirty minutes to an hour.

Roles Rank Limit

This area will contain Cofe Cream Official limits on roles that preside in our training sessions to keep all of our sessions organized and running smoothly.

Training Script: Trainer

This will include information for all of our trainees to understand our operations at the restaurant and how to handle taking orders for our customers, as well as any limits on items.

:doughnut: Trainee

This will include the guide to the training for the training of Awaiting Trainings to rank up to Junior Cashier. They are allowed to make no mistakes. If they reach 3 mistakes they will fail the training.

:apple: Junior employer

This will include the guide to the training for the training of Junior Employer to rank up to Senior Employer . They are allowed to make no mistakes. If they reach 3 mistake they will fail the training.

:pancakes: Senior Employer

This will include the guide to the training for the training of Senior Employer to rank up to LR staff Head Employer. They are allowed to make no mistakes. If they reach 2 mistake they will fail the training.

:milk_glass: Head Employer

This will include the guide to the training for the training of Head Employer the final rank of the Employers staff LR staff. They are allowed to make no mistakes. If they reach 2 mistake they will fail the training.


Development Credits

Development Credits
Cofe Cream Official is very thankful for all their current & former Developers! We thank all of our Developers for the hard work and dedication put into our current version.

  • Credits
    :building_construction:Built by MRnox / Scripted MRnox
    :hammer:Secondary Builder: OVER_X9, Arda, JosukeTheHero,@AEW745
    :hammer_and_pick:Secondary Scripters:@AEW745,@raynoxgame1
    :brick: GFX makers : MRnox and, Same1978
Affiliate Information

Cofe Cream Official | Affiliates Requirements & Application

Thank you for showing an interest in applying for an alliance with Cofe Cream. The information that you need to know will be below this. Once you have completed the application please send it to a member of Cofe Cream’s Communications Department and wait at least 48 hours for a response.


You must have at least 60+ members within your group. We may make exceptions for groups and around 90 members, though.

You must have a Communications Server that is operating correctly.

You must have discord server members 70+.

You must have professional and active staff members.

You must not sell any Middle or High rank position in your group. However, we don’t mind you selling Low Ranks & Skip Training gamepasses.

You must not have a bad reputation with anyone in the Cofe Cream Communications Department.

You must be able to announce our events. (We will do the same for you).

Alliance Application

What group is applying? Please state the name of the group and all of the required links.

Explain your group in full detail. What is your group about?

Why does your group wish to ally with Cofe Cream Official?

How will Cofe Cream Official benefit you you? In return, how will you benefit us?

Who will be representing your group?

Thank you! We hope to see your group in our list of alliance’s very soon!

This is all, thank you for taking the time in reviewing the information about our Community.
Cofe Cream Leadership

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