Coffee/Vending machine model!

Hello devforum!
Not long back, I made a Coffee vending machine! I remember seeing a machine like it in a clinic like 10 years ago, so I decided to make it Roblox.

To use it, it’s pretty staightforward!

  1. Insert a coin into the machine.
  2. Click the corrosponding button on what coffee you’d like.
  3. Wait for it to dispense.
  4. Collect it! (once you do, the machine should reset itself, allowing you to select another item.)

Currently, the different drinks don’t do anything, and just have different names.
Let me know what you guys think!! Would be glad to know if there’s any addtitions I can make/fixes.

Game link: Coffee Machine Test! - Roblox

One last thing…:
I am actually having a bit of a weird issue, loading an R6 drinking animation I made for the drinks. I keep getting a “sanitized ID” error, and have never heard of this, nor could I find much documentation on how to fix it online, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place. Does anyone know how I could fix this???

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// EDIT: Ok you have to walk close to the machine so that the coin gets inserted, not click. Maybe that should be changed.

My feedback:

But other than that pretty good for now!