Collapse Tabs‌‌‌

Currently on Roblox, it’s too hard to maintain a clean Studio widget layout, especially on smaller screens where real estate is limited severely.

One solution to this is the ability to collapse tabs, which could be a small button that appears on each pane of the Studio window. Here’s what it would look like in Studio:


Clicking this button would collapse the pane to the side, minimising the widgets inside it. Here’s what that looks like:

As you can see, the tabs would be moved from the bottom to the side, and the widgets would be hidden. Clicking the double chevrons would restore the widgets, or clicking a tab would open to a specific widget.

This would be very useful for maximising screen space, and I’d love to see some variant of this idea in Studio.


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I definitely would support this in order to have a better view in Studio. If I could close them, I would in the cases of where they aren’t being used at the moment, i.e. testing purposes.