Collapsible Memory View Sections


As a Roblox Developer, using the Memory Tab is a must when checking for any memory leaks. However, you’re unable to collapse the CoreMemory or the PlaceMemory when viewing the tab. Which means you must view all the memory data when looking for leaks.

Right now when viewing the tab, every specific part of the Client or Server memory has a little arrow on the left side. Clicking on it opens a graph, but you can also click anywhere on that line to view the graph. This can cause confusion for say, a person who has opened the console for the first time, or is viewing the memory tab for the first time. Whether it be a player or a new developer. They may think the arrow will collapse the part of the memory section. Only to view the graph of the memory over time.


What I’m now proposing is that all the little arrows on the lines parents under CoreMemory or PlaceMemory be removed! As you can just click on the line to view the graph, and only have the aforementioned lines retain the arrows. While also giving the arrows the functionality to collapse the two main sections of the memory data.

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