[CollectionService] Button not working correctly

Hi, I am trying to make a button using the collection service. I have already got the base button working where I can clone a model into the workspace from replicated storage (These are physical buttons btw not UI).

The problem is, When I use one button to spawn in another button, The new button does not work.
Keep in mind that all the buttons have been tagged for collection service

Here is an examples of what exactly im making:

Here is what my code looks like: I have left out some functions that are unrelated

local CollectionService = game:GetService("CollectionService")
local buttons = CollectionService:GetTagged("Button")

for _,button in pairs(buttons) do
		local debounce = false
			if not debounce then
				debounce = true

One solution I came up with was to clone the button to the workspace and retag the buttons but that did not work.

CollectionService has the function :AddTag() so that when you create a new button now you can give the button the tag. Now, there is also a :GetInstanceAddedSignal() so you can connect the touch event everytime a new button gets given the tag.

Thanks, I got it to work!
I Appreciate the help.

I removed the coroutine ant it worked