Collision Filtering Issues

Hi there! I was trying to make a collision filter which basically made a door CanCollide = false for people who owned a specific gamepass but CanCollide = true for people who did not own it. While that worked, I tried to make another collision filter which allowed only people in a specific group rank to go through. I could not do this, as I received the error “Could not create collision group”. When I removed the extra filters for other parts, this error went away and I could once again walk through a part without issue. I do not have the code anymore, but I was curious if there could be more than one filter? Thanks!

On a single BasePart? No. It has to belong to only one group.

It would’ve been more helpful if you had retained your code so that we could see what you were doing, though I think I understand the general gist of it. I have a similar system running in my game except I don’t set the CanCollide property at all, I only use CollisionGroups.

I essentially have one part and two groups; one for group doors and one for group members. Obviously, the doors are put in the group doors group and the BasePart descendants of characters in the group members group. I then disable collisions between the both of them and that’s it. Works as expected.

We Need More Information

Without a script, reference, object heirarchy, current attempts, or any sort of detail, it is not possible to help you.

Please make sure you include the following in your post:

  • Attempts to make it work (You did this)
  • Detailed Explanation (I still have no idea what you did in detail)
  • Related Scripts (What code have you used? A error doesn’t help without the code and line it came from)
  • Object hierarchy (Where are your objects located in the game explorer, this helps when debugging scripts)