Collissions issue

I’m making a script that replicates a tumbleweed model from the replicated storage into a random spawn part through and a while loop and then the tumbleweed moves using a for loop and vector3(I prefer vector3 and CFrame from tweens). The problem is, I have other parts that collide with the tumbleweed im cloning. I’ve tried to solve this using no collision constraints, messing with collision groups, and can collide but nothing has worked.

So you want the tumbleweed to collide with objects? (you weren’t really clear about this)
If you CFrame an item it’ll just place it inside other items.
You’re probably going to have to move it physically.

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I don’t want other parts to collide with the tumbleweed i’m cloning.

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Thanks bro, it worked, I read your message but I didn’t comprehend what you said about CFrame.


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