Color Game Recommendations; Are they still relevant?

Hey! I made a color game yesterday/today and its pretty fun. The question is, should I advertise it or should I not. Are color games such as color block still relevant and help/feedback for the game.

(18) Bloxel Battle [RELEASE!] - Roblox

It is poorly made, the map is horrible and it is extremely laggy, redo the game and maybe advertise it.

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o_o) alrighty… Im no builder lol. The game idea though? Its not spleef. And no its not laggy…

Yes it is laggy, it is not my computer.
Also if you’re gonna make this game and advertise it, hire someone to build or learn.
Personally I think the game idea is in the past and overused.

My computer is extremely old and can handle it just fine.

Omg you are so rude. It ran fine for me and i even tested it on my bad laptop. Its definitely you and not him lol

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Thanks. Yeah i added a lot of optimization XD, took like half a hour to get the scripts properly functioning.

its not spleef though… also, like there arent any roblox games like mine. I’ve looked trust me. Also, i agree the building SUCKS

I think this game is AMAZING!!!
But here is some feedback

  1. you need to make the map a little more inviting and less bland, add easter eggs and other things., spend some time terraforming.

  2. The shop is hard to read and hard to look at, my eyes hurt a little. make the prices bigger and make the item not move, and maybe tone down the neon a little bit.

  3. make the arena bigger.

  4. add a spectate mode so I can watch other players better, this gives me things to do so im not bored while waiting.

  5. try to monetize in a different way, buying wins seems PTW. make the currency called something else, like color coins or gold. and buying a “Win” is WAY too overpriced.

  6. add more powerups, when you get the drink make it so you can’t fall off the map. and add some other ones like wider brush, teleport, a sword for a few seconds, and other things.

  7. add more game mechanics. don’t make it too complicated but add more game modes ad other things to do while waiting for the round to end if you died, most people will just leave if they have to wait and can’t do anything.

whew That was a lot, I hope this helps👍
And more importantly, Have a great and awesome day!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1::+1: :+1:

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Wow!! Yeah 100% I’ve added some trees and i will probably add spleef and like some type of obby thing too as a minigame. Ill 100% add a obby to the lobby which will make it better. I agree win is too overpriced. Ill make it credits that you get FROM wins. :smiley: