Color Isn't Working Correctly

Whenever I rig a custom character and set the color of a part of the character, it doesn’t use the right color. This only happens with my custom characters.

Are you using Color3 or Brickcolor

I change the color with BrickColor

Ok, can you show a video of it not working? I cant tell from the picture

In the image it shows that I set the color to Light Orange but the color is black

Oh, its on the left side, my bad
Any scripts changing it?

is UsePartColor on?


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I haven’t use any unions, only meshes

haven’t added any scripts into the game yet

It’s possible there’s a texture on it as it’s a meshpart, in the properties tab where it says ‘TextureID’ Click on it and backspace.

There isn’t any textures on it. Sorry for the late reply