Color Mania! Game feedback

Hey! I’m the TheDCraft, I recently decided to get into scripting, and whilst learning, I made a game called Color Mania! By no means is this a new/ unique concept, but this was to help me get more involved with scripting.

Since this is my first official game to be released, I would like some feedback on what I could improve on?

I know the map can be improved but for now it’s as basic as it gets, hoping this will change as I learning more building techniques, and find out the way maps should be designed for the best player experience.

The game:
This game contains 7 Maps and 4 Gamemodes, There is also a shop which allows players to spend points on trails and gadgets, Points can be earned simpily by playing the game! I added an Inventory system so you can Equip/Use any Trails or Gadgets you have. Not only this but there is also Rewards you get by getting x amount of wins. If you have Premium, then you will have access to a Premium Trail, this can be obtained by heading over to the rewards and simply pressing on the premium trail. [Note: This has not been tested fully, if it does not work please let me know]

Thanks for reading my post,


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