Colorblindness Visualizer [Many types of colorblindness] - Feedback

Hello, as this is my first thread I’d like to say that I’m happy to be in a community with such wonderful and creative and also innovative individuals. ~ Anyway…

So I’ve made a project from a few months ago and it simulates a variety of inherited colorblindness’s that some people see, I’ve wrote a algorithm that’d convert given r-g-b values to the desired selected type of colorblindness that a colorblind person would see. (I’m soon to release a module for this later)

The in-game lighting / skybox have all been adjusted to give the best experience possible without any interferences, if you notice any anomalies please be sure to detail them in your feedback.

Game Link
Current supported colorblindness’s

Update 1/10/2021
Module is now released, it can be found here.

Types currently supported
  1. Achromatopsia
  2. Achromatomaly
  3. Deuteranopia
  4. Deuteranomaly
  5. Protanopia
  6. Protanomaly
  7. Tritanopia
  8. Tritanomaly

I’d like your thoughts on this, and what do you think such a thing could be used for on this platform?


I think it’s very considerate of you to think about individuals who may have color blindness. (Not all developers take this into account.)

I can’t personally speak for it since I’m not colorblind, but I have to say this looks great! I think this could come into great use when you have a game where the palette is too bright or intense for their vision. You could totally have this in an options menu for the player.

Have you tried using the ColorCorrectionEffect instance? Or is this individually recoloring all the parts?

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Haven’t checked out the game but love the idea! Really considerate of you, keep it up.

As an individual with a form of Red-Green Colorblindness, I’d like to say that this is very kind of you to create!

From my knowledge, the case of Colorblindness I have is closest to Protanomaly. As far as that option in the game goes, it’s highly accurate in simulating the color vision I have.

Here are the main changes I was able to notice between the Normal and Protanomaly settings:

  • Roof

    • Transitioned from a vibrant red toward an "Orange-Green"ish color
  • Windows & Doorways

    • Started as an Orange(?) and became a Light Green
  • Baseplate

    • Clearly defined Light Green (more vibrant than the light green mentioned above) to a sort of “Marsh Green”, similar to that of a swamp

As a result of my experiences with the game, it seems like this provides a great simulation for my case of Colorblindness. However, since every person will have slightly different vision, even if they have the same kind of Colorblindness, it’s difficult to have something that is a catch-all solution.

My struggles with differentiating between colors revolves around the following:
  • Yellows and Greens

    • (Primarily brighter/neon versions of these colors. Bright green almost always looks like Yellow)
  • Greens and Browns (Sometimes Orange in the mix)

    • Certain shades of brown appear closer to a semi-dark green in most cases. Occasionally a “burnt-orange” could appear as brown, too.
  • Blues and Purples

    • This is by far the most common one I mix up, as darker blues and lighter purples are almost always 50/50 guesses for me.
  • Blues and Pinks

    • Much lighter variants of pink tend to appear as a vibrant light blue.

The main feedback I’d provide for the place itself would be a way to stop the camera spin entirely so I could keep my view locked on a certain place of the house and swap back and forth between settings to more easily compare the two.

I spent some time in this game around the time you made this post but forgot to provide feedback until now! I’m looking forward to the module so that more developers are able to have an easier time at optimizing their color palettes for Colorblind individuals when necessary :slight_smile:


Sounds cool! Can’t wait to play it! It sounds original!

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I’ve noticed that the npc character stays the same shade of white the whole time, the colour could be overridden by a HumanoidDescription instance?

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Thank you for noticing that, i’ve applied a patch.

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