Combat Academy Patch (6/24/2022)

New item: Health potions
Health potions can be found around the map. You can hold up to and keep 2 health potions at once. They each heal 35 health. If you randomly get hit with a weapon out of the blue, you wont have to hide/ wait for a full minute before it’s safe again.

Weapon rebalancing
Previous damage for each weapon:

  • Sickle: 27
  • Katana: 38
  • Claymore: 58

New damage values:

  • Sickle: 28
  • Katana: 36
  • Claymore: 52

Heavy Sword Added
A harder to use claymore. They have a shorter delay between swings. The swing for the heavy takes a little while longer as well. This makes jumping + spamming it less successful, and you have to really time your hits with this latest iteration.

That’s all for this update. Stay tuned for updates for a “team based mode” coming up in the future!