Come play my game release Cursed Grounds and give me feedback!

Hey all, just released my game Cursed Grounds! Come play it and give me feedback of what you think or what you would like to see. We have some content creators trying it and yea, hope u all like it. Its horror themed but not hardcore horror.

We also have some codes for currency and a badge only for limited time during release week. We plan on constant updates and the team is eager to see if people like it.

Game Link: Cursed Grounds - Roblox

GameTrailer: Roblox | Cursed Grounds - Game Overview Trailer - YouTube

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I like the game so far, that fact that players have something to do when they are alone is great
The limiteds are a good idea, it will keep players playing

I hope the game gets popular

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thank you, we are playing pvp right now if u wish to join and experience it!