[COMMISSION] Need a GFX person to make ads


My friend and I’s upcoming game is nearly done, at a point where we’ll need ad banners soon to advertise our game!

We’re seeking a person with GFX and advertisement skill, you must have past experience and a shareable portfolio that we can view.

This is a simple ‘HELP WANTED’ post, if you’re a GFX individual, then please PM me here on the forums or contact me (preferable) on Discord: Trus#0001

There, you can show me your past work and we’ll discuss what ads we’ll need and you give me a price, and I’ll pay for it. We’ll also be providing you graphical/art assets for the ads too, expect most work to be handling around with fonts and text!

Thank you!

P.S: The game has yet to be revealed, details pertaining to this will be disclosed in private messages between you and I.

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Hello!, I own a developer team my GFX’s member’s Are willing to do it. Please dm me, NightclaxDEV#1345, For more info.

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Still needed? Then please add me nithin#0242

Added you in discord

Hello, I sent you a request in Discord.

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