Commission/Bounty to anyone who can fix a Spring

I’m paying 1k robux in group funds to anyone with a solution to my problem.
The group is my Deadlab Interactive. Luckily, the passive sales of the group has enough to fund this bounty without having me pay out of pocket

Now onto the actual problem:

I’m spawning in a vehicle that the player can drive. However, when they spawn, the vehicle falls down and breaks the suspensions. It took me a full day just to have the springs not go BALLISTIC from its own existence.

But my patience has run dry, so Ill hire a pro to handle this for me. Since I’m very cautious of my project, youll be working in a empty teamcreate baseplate and given the part to work with.
youll be given 20 rbx for signing on, and the rest for a good job’s work.

This is what the problem looks like. Back wheel is obviously having a bad day, yet the front is fine.

Yes, i did try to restrict the max length and such. Theres not much I haven’t tried.

Contact me at God#0002 so we can talk business

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