Commissioning scripters for new original game

Recruiting programmers for an upcoming game!

About Us

Hey developers! This is Entertaining Entertainment , we’re starting a new game and searching for programmers to join us. Here’s a quick introduction of the current team;
@Kuroxity - World design
@akaSourx - User Interface
@username -Lead Programmer
@username - Programmer

About the Job

We’re looking for 2 programmers to join the team as a Lead Developer/ Developer. We require someone who is willing to code small mini-games and someone who is willing to code the main game functions. Our game will need about 5-10 mini-games that properly function and all of the main game functions/game-play to be scripted and ready by the end of the month.

Requirements to Apply

  • How to use Roblox Studio and all of the services.
  • You must have a full understanding of how (roblox) lua works.
  • The code is expected to be clean and without any errors or bugs.
  • Have at least 6 months of experience in programming.


We are willing to pay 750 - 1,000 :robux_light: per mini-game 7,500 - 15,000 :robux_light: for the main game coding (This will depend on the functionality of the code/ optimization/ effort)

Contact Us

If you are interested and meet all the requirements above You can contact us on Discord: kvro#8106 Twitter: @/KuroxityIsTaken Good luck!! More information about the game’s concept and the tasks will be discussed in direct messages. Thanks for reading!


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