[Commissions Closed] Rayquaza's GFX Portfolio

NOTE: My commissions are open, ignore the title of the post, I am not able to change it!


Hello, I am EclipsedRayquaza but I go by Rayquaza. I make ROBLOX GFX for fun and I am offering services as a GFX artist.

Here is some of my work (watermarked).

Plain Renders

Corrupted (1)

Profile Pictures

Corrupted (2)

Group and Game Icons


Game Thumbnails


I will put it in the title of the DevForum if my commissions are open or not.

My only payment method is ROBUX. If you are paying by purchasing a gamepass of mine, then you must pay extra so I can get the full value of the commission. I do not take ROBLOX Gift cards as payment.

My pricing for GFX is determine by the complexity of the commission.

  • Plain Renders: 100 - 200 Robux

  • Profile Pictures: 150 - 300 Robux

  • Group and Game Icons: 250 - 500 Robux

  • Game Thumbnails: 750 - 1,500 Robux

  • Advertisements: 350 - 750 Robux


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at rayquaza#0111

Thanks for reading! :sunglasses:


Nice I like this pricing :slight_smile: Woo hoo

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Portfolio Updates 3/26/21

  • More work added
  • Discord tag updated (My old tag didn’t work through the month of February, if you tried contacting me during that time period but I’ve updated it now).

Portfolio Updates 4/2/21

  • Work on ROBLOX advertisements added as well as information regarding how much I charge for GFX advertisements.
  • More work added.