[COMMISSIONS OPEN] Buildo - Modeler



Greetings, I’m the Head Designer of Buildo, Luitenantcolonol. Buildo is a sub-branch of a large development group known as “The Tankograds”. The Tankograds company has been developing boats, planes, tanks, city buildings, and of course, tanks for over two years now. The Tankograds have earned a reputation for completing their client commissions on time and efficiently. With over 100 members, the Tankograds team is an ever-growing hub where developers can go to portray their skills and where clients can be satisfied with their requested commission. Buildo is the newest addition to the Tankograds team, and we strive to become the best. As per the name, we’re the building branch of the Tankograds as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. Our builds are primarily realistic and not Low-poly of any sort.




I am available to work 16 hours a week. Available every day. I’m in the IST timezone.


Prices are negotiable, however, not by much. Each asset can be paid with 30USD or 10,000 Robux. USD is transferrable using PayPal. You can pay with Robux via group funds or buying a gamepass.


You can contact me via Dizzy: Maverick#2473

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: