[Commissions Opened] RP games builder - Bxemag Portofolio

About Me

Hi ! My name is Bxemag and I am builder, I am mainly specializing in build with parts. I have a good level in build but that is enough for what I do, I try every day to progress.


You can view my build here :

[“Here are some screenshots of my work”] :

Screenshots Part1 : https://twitter.com/bxemag/status/1240035002005557249
Screenshots Part2 : https://twitter.com/bxemag/status/1240035768875323392
Screenshots Part3 : https://twitter.com/bxemag/status/1240036574982803456
Screenshots Part4 : https://twitter.com/bxemag/status/1240036866356846594
Screenshots Part5 : https://twitter.com/bxemag/status/1240037742563725315
Screenshots Part6 : https://twitter.com/bxemag/status/1240038279040454663


I’m available a little bit when, mainly on weekends or around 5 p.m. maximum (GMT +1)


Prices vary according to the size and complexity of the build.

  • Small build (size of a small house scaled 50,50,50) 25 to 250 R$

  • Medium build (size of a mini city scale 500,500,500) 300 to 3500 R$

  • Large build (size of a large city scale 7000,7000,7000 maximum): 4000 to 15000 R$

  • Specific personalised size (varies by scale)

If possible the payments will have to be made through a groups.


you can contact me with twitter : https://twitter.com/bxemag or
Discord : Bxemag#2798 or
ROBLOX : https://www.roblox.com/users/721526775/profile

if you have any questions come and see me on discord.

thank you for reading and having a good day ! :slight_smile: