:arrow_double_up:Hello, I’m AltonFawkes and I’m doing clothing. As for now I have around 3 years of experience in doing clothing and the program i’m using currently is Adobe Photoshop.(through I was trying to use paint.net for doing clothing):arrow_double_down:



750 ROBUX or 2.5 USD.

I am available every day between 4-5 hours. During school I’m going to be inactive and only in weekends I’m going to work with availability of 2-3 hours.


You can contact me through DISCORD: Alton#9459.

Thank you. :heart_eyes:


Love your work! They are high quality and beautiful! You should give yourself a pat on your back. :laughing: But seriously tho, love them shirts and pants <3

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I mean, from the graphics you have designed for the portfolio, you can earn more by doing 2D graphical design or illustrating. These can also provide real life career in the long run!
These illustrations are actually really neat and of high standard! Great work!

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I was thinking of that, but sadly I am not as great with 2D Graphical Design/Illustration. But thanks for advice, I’ll see what I can do with it in near future. :v:

Those are really good stuff you got tho what I’d recommend it you is to try to shade them on your own since you my get back lash from some people (speaking from experience). Other than that, I wish you luck with working on your skills!


As a matter of fact, I do own the shading I’m using, it is a revamped version of my first one I used, still not good at shading and I decided to make a standard shading template which I can use and voila.

And thank you for your kind feedback.

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[UPDATED] A small update has been occurred as of 20th of June 2019, 7:51 AM GMT+3 (Bucharest Time).
What’s new:

  • a new suit : “Ace of Hearts” hat inspired suit. (commission)
  • a new armor, under “Fantasy Inspired” category : “Dominus Aureus” armor. (commission)

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


Looks cool, if you want to make me a piece I’m willing to pay 1.5k.

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Recently commissioned some clothing from @Alto_CK. It got given to me fast, it was very high quality and the price was good!

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[UPDATED] A small update has been occurred as of 23th of June 2019, 12:41 AM GMT+3 (Bucharest Time).
What’s new:

  • two new comissioned works (@Toadiant’s commission)
  • new discord tag (switched from Alto_CK#9459 to ALTOxMIEDO#9459)

Thank you for reading! :smiley:

I commissioned @Alto_CK for two outfits, they were done quickly and he was willing to revise part of it when I requested. The outfits look outstanding and I’m sure I’ll be in touch again in the future. :eyes: Overall it was a really great experience!


Your work is impressive, will keep you in mind when we need clothing designs done!

I know I’m kind of late here, but I love your work! I sent you a PM on the DevForum.

These examples look amazing. I’ve added you. Also, you spelled commissioned wrong. Might wanna fix that. :slight_smile:

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As for 13th of August 2019, Thursday, portfolio has received a new look. Also the commissions are closed until 02.09.2019. Besides new outfits have been added in their respective slot.

Thanks and have a great day. :smiley:

…but, if you want outfits to be done since 02.09.2019 and you aren’t in a hurry, you can send the details and I will work on after 02.09.2019.

As of 28.12.2019(3 days left to New Year’s Eve), I’ve reopened the commissions, as I’m in vacation until 11/12.01.2020. The portfolio has been remade completely to fit the standards and the prices has been updated.(it includes PayPal as well)

Thank you for checking this portfolio and maybe requesting a commission, sorry for not giving a life signal for a long time as I had to deal with school, currently on the second to last year in high school.

These look outstanding! Quick question though, are these $25 USD per shirt/pants or both shirts and pants.

Both shirt and pants, each set cost $25 USD and at like 6-7 sets commissioned you receive a discount of $10 USD or more.

UPDATE : Changed the price from $25 USD to $14 USD so it feels less spicy in terms of pricing.

Do you still do robux commissions or are you just USD now?