[COMMS CLOSED! UI 2/2] PalaisV / EGOTISMS | GFX & UI Designer

@Squidzyee Appreciate the support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Actually_Paige If you meant as a bundle, i.e. 1 icon, 1 thumbnail, and 2 ads, you can talk to me directly on Discord or via messages. I don’t really do “bundle discounts”, but if you order multiple GFX I will provide a small discount!


Ordered from Kinty 2 weeks ago, received my order in 2 days in the highest of quality, she’s the best of the best and I hope this brings her some more commissioners.


No problem, I also see that you followed me on Twitter as well! :wink:

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These prices are very affordable in my opinion. Don’t undervalue people for their work.


That is a decent price for a whole game.


Kinty is really skilled, hardworking, and dedicated towards her UI’s and the Graphics she designs. Well known in the community, and is really reliable. Works at a fast pace while keeping her orders high quality.

Definitely recommend her.


Very nice work! If I need something in the future I won’t hesitate hiring you!


Prices for GFX has been updated. Please re-read the thread in case you didn’t!

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It’s not about “money hungry” or what not.

It’s about giving your employers the permission to set a reasonable timeline and for you to respect it. There is no need to go faster, if you feel your employer is rushing you, you can suggest an extended timeline.

I recommend changing this policy, but you’re call.


I wouldn’t call it “money hungry”. It’s more of a prize to work towards and the bigger the prize is the more you want it. Let’s say I am doing a build for someone and I exceed their expectations although it is taking a while so because I am exceeding the expectations I get my payment raised by 20 or 10k R and that makes me work faster so I can claim the prize.

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Please read the context. A user told Egotisms her policy on this made her look “money greedy.”

Next time, please read context - it’s important in multiple areas.

I give my employers permission to set a reasonable timeline?? I don’t know why you’re suggesting that I’m not allowing them to do so just because I like them paying for my work competitively?

I wasn’t suggesting this at all, common misunderstanding, apologies.

What I meant to say was that you don’t need to receive additional payment if you can satisfy your employer by the official deadline. You can take your time, and you don’t necessarily need extra pay to speed up the process.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, and I understand why you thought like this. Thank you for pointing this concern out and have a beautiful day.

Highly recommended, very detailed work, puts time and dedication into all of her graphics. None of her orders are rushed and they are ALL done with MAX detail.


I’m going to try stopping a huge argument. Let’s stop talking about the @rez_b case. It is true that he made a mistake and he is sorry for it although we can’t blame him because he did make money although illegally.

Your work is astonishing! I will be sure to commission you in the next month or so.

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Hey there! Just wanted to say your work looks really good!

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I am in love with your work, keep it up! and I am just wondering what do you use to make UI design? Because Pain.net is not enough I think. And I want to improve in UI design.

@ItsByskyWrecker I use a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Xd, depending on what the job needs.


  • I do not do RP group GFX anymore. I will take special requests though. DM me for details/offers.

  • Added flat icon design service

  • Added game pass / player badge design service

  • Added Web/App prototype (Adobe Xd) service

Commissions are opened. DM me for more details either on Twitter, Discord, or DevForums.


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Great GFX artist! I definitely recommend her.
She is quick and talented. Her prices are also very affordable. Asked her to make a change to our thumbnail and she did it no problem.