Community Letter to Horizon Studios


We at Horizon Studios would like to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of support that we’ve received over the past year. The development of Revelation couldn’t have gotten this far without you. We’re always doing our best to read and reflect on what you, the community, has to say. The criticism that we receive helps us understand what we should do differently in the future. On this ever-changing journey, we continue to remain thankful to you all for giving us this opportunity.

Revelation (formerly Angels and Demons) was originally going to be a very basic game. The plan was for it to be like one of those simulators that you often see on the front page. We continued planning until Revelation evolved into something else entirely. The complexity and time it would take for us to finish went far beyond our expectations. At this point, we were demoralized and unsure of what to do. What was arguably the best outcome for the future of Revelation would also become the one of the worst outcomes for the present. Proceeding with our new plans, we decided against releasing the game into alpha on March 23, 2017. Shortly after, the consequences of changing our plans began to arise.

When we decided to create a “perfect” Roblox game, it put a lot of stress on us. What would happen if what we created wasn’t accepted as “perfect?” This type of mindset really got to our heads, causing us to feel depressed and unmotivated. Not only that, but we overestimated our abilities, failed to plan properly, and lacked communication with members of our own community. And for that, we sincerely apologize. We continue to learn from our mistakes, but that doesn’t make up for the past. What we can do now, however, is continue moving forward. Even if Revelation doesn’t become a “perfect” Roblox game, we can keep working hard and know that we did our best.

In terms of development, releasing a game is perhaps the most critical part. If it lacks content, has too many bugs, or just doesn’t live up to expectations, a game can fall flat right then and there. We want more practice and to test what we’ve already done. That’s why we’re in the process of developing another game called Ninja Life. It’s a fighting-based role-playing game being released within the next month or two. We’re going to put a variety of scripts, models, images, and other assets from Revelation directly in Ninja Life. This will give us the ability to judge whether what we’re developing right now for Revelation is worth keeping or not for its future release.

Once again, we can’t thank everyone enough for the support. Revelation may be taking longer than we planned, but it’s still being developed. Ninja Life is also in development and will be releasing soon. In the end, it’s been a busy year for us at Horizon Studios. We’ll work harder to ensure that everyone is more up-to-date on what we’re doing. We hope to give the community some incredible games this year!

Farewell and Happy New Year,

Horizon Studios Staff


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