Community Monitoring Introduction

Community Monitoring
Hi there! I’m Cynsic, Founder of CM, my military group “inspection” system.

What is this group?

The CM is a coalition of military “journalists” who are adept at providing in-depth explanations of groups and publicly releasing information on the rating given by us for them. Known as an organization (of some caliber), We’re dedicated to publishing unbiased and informative documents to help you pick the best military roleplaying group based on your preferences.

Our group link is located here:!/about

How does it work?

Our group works quite simply, as a matter of fact; Our publishers, or “journalists”, work as a sort of inspection committee and write reports based on what they’ve encountered in their time as a member of the military in the community being monitored. They usually are active within the group for a minimum of a week (and should tend to stay longer, if necessary) to find any discrepancies within the group that they may encounter and provide an in-depth explanation on the group’s upsides, downsides, and suitability rating, a system I’ve put in place to rate the experience necessary for being in a group such as the one being monitored.

What is the suitability rating?

The suitability rating is an age chart that shows how much maturity you should be able to handle the group in, which could range from somewhere between 12-25 in a charted line graph such as this one:

[Image soon]

Where are your publications listed?

Our publications are listed every month on the group wall by our publishers and they are all put in a DevForum link by either themselves or myself (if they’re incapable of posting on their own). Each of our publications will be listed in the same formatting and a PDF option will be located in our Discord server.

How do I subscribe to your publications?

I am UNDER the age of 13

Our publications are free of charge! Since you’re under the age of thirteen and disallowed from joining our Discord server, please be aware of our publications through the Group Wall located on our ROBLOX group. Thank you for sharing your interest in our system!

I am ABOVE the age of 13

Our publications are free of charge! You are able to view them through the Discord through our social links; our Discord social link is named “Publications” and is relatively easy to get to if you’re above the age of thirteen. Thank you for sharing your interest in our system, and we hope to see you in our server as soon as possible!

I am interested in publishing for your system. How should I apply?

To apply for our system, either head to the DevForum post using this link:


Or, optionally, you may press the link located on our group page’s “About” section under the description for further instructions. Please note that we’re looking for individuals above the age of 13 to apply!

We hope to slowly move from the military genre and provide reports on all sorts of communities, such as social reports on Royale High, Jailbreak, and others (though big communities such as these are hard to report on since their player base is relatively unpredictable).

CM was founded by Cynsic (and co-founded by Xenoomorph) on the 10th of October, 2020.