Community Powered City Replication Project (Unofficial) Looking For Builders CANCELED

About Us

Hi there! We are A small project that is dedicated to making replicas of real world city’s.

The Team
@Atk0001 - Team Leader

About The Job

We are looking for people to VOLUNTEER helping replicate certain city’s.


All Creations Will Be CC With Attribution

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord Group: X3C79C2

Wouldn’t replicating cities - such as creating buildings, stores, cafes etc. - be a stressful task? And many builders would want some sort of pay as they are taking their time out of their day to help. This though doesn’t mean some people won’t want to apply. I would probably search up people who want to build up there portfolio and they would work for free - I think. Good luck. :+1:

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It’s only a block per developer, Not the whole city.

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