Community Resources Rules are pretty vague and needs to be changed

Recently, the #resources:community-resources category has full of unwanted threads, even those that violate the forum rules but get to stay up here

Exploit Detection Leaks

There are posts that leak an exploit detection (no not something like an anti-fly, something more of KRNL detection), Here are a few examples

Irrelevant but that is what I was going to reply

Uuhhh how come roblox can know your IQ? Even if someone is smart as Einstein, they will still get the error

Before you say “They are normal, they don’t do anything bad”, That isn’t true, when the exploit developers found out about that (which they can find quickly), they try to put a bypass to that as fast as they can, if you have found an exploit detection, just don’t publish it anywhere, just use it in your game, and if someone wants it, then they can just find the way themselves

Roblox TOS Violation

I found some that can be used to bypass roblox’s image moderation and violates the “Misuse of Roblox Systems” rule, Here are just a few examples

I know ones that are pointed by this :arrow_up_down: are similar but now “Reinventing the Wheel” isn’t longer counted here

I know one regular do that, but you don’t need to have good forum activity to be a regular, Take a look at this:

but It’s a bit off topic about that, so Let’s return on topic, They can be used to bypass roblox’s image moderaction, some could even put NSFW stuff there and eventually get their game taken down, I disappreciate them (except the Photo2Parts one which is kind of cool, They fall under the category of “Misuse of Roblox Systems” which can get them banned for that reason

Topics with non-Photo/Video examples

I found some topics without video examples but they put it when someone tells them to do so. Haven’t found any topics which is for the example of that, but not everyone has time to use Roblox Studio or is in PC, which makes this an issue, Usually when people like I come across a topic in the category without an video example, We would reply with something like “Can you provide an video example of this resource” or something, I know this may be inefficient to some resources that is only used for scripting and have no visual effect, but it should only appear if it’s possible

Everyone has disagreed with the “Reinventing the Wheel” part so I removed it

TL;DR: I have seen much resources that violates the Roblox’s TOS, those without photo/video examples, and exploit detections, as these needs to be placed in the rules

If anyone came here because their topic got linked, Do not reply and start a rant, I linked your’s as an example


#development-discussion and #help-and-feedback rules should also be more strict. The current behavior of people is stupid.


That sounds like a good idea, #development-discussion and #help-and-feedback are pretty messed up categories, Troll Topics and some junk goes to #development-discussion, and people have been asking easily googled questions in #help-and-feedback


Yes, I agree, but sometimes a new wheel is a better wheel…

Yes, thank you


FWIW That can be true, Imagine that Invention A has less features than Invention B, They do the same job, but Invention A was built before Invention B


I don’t know why you linked one of my topics… I don’t understand this topic to be honest.


I linked one of your topics because you “reinvented the wheel” on two modules that does a better job for an example

also the topic is about the rules not being clear and needed to be changed


And? Many topics don’t work and you didn’t need to list mine as it works fine and yes, maybe others are better, but it still works.


Just because yours work fine doesn’t mean I can’t list it, It’s just an example of “reinventing the wheel”


I agree with this honestly. The rules needed a revamp a long time ago.


True, But some people are disagreeing when they got notified when I linked it (blame discourse for putting that), I was providing some examples yet some disagreed


Reinventing the wheel isn’t the worst thing to me. Matters how complicated it is and how customizable it is to use for anything (I wrote this so poorly)


I agree that reinventing the wheel isn’t bad, but sometimes people make copies that function exactly the same (but some are better)

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I agree with this. I’m tired of constantly seeing the cesspool of toxicity on the Development Discussion page


I’m talking about #resources:community-resources in the topic


Ah, my fault

This is what I meant to say, but this is also an issue. On the topic of Community Resources, I honestly never go there anymore. It’s always someone trying to create solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist

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Well, it’s the ‘community’ resources, the rules shouldn’t be limiting or in-depth. It isn’t Roblox’s (DevForum Moderators) job to vet the quality of each resource, that is exactly what the comment section is for.


As a guy who turned a thread in #resources:community-resources into copyright infringement, I disagree with you, We don’t need more people like me to turn threads into some crap, They would need to hire reviewers for #resources:community-resources, where if they find the resource violating the rules, then they will contact the mods to take it down

Little boy, you’re not smart enough for that!!!

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why do you want to continue the argument here blud

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