Comoda Public Guidebook

Comoda is built on imagination and fun, we want to provide you with a custom experience rather than give you the old mumbo jumbo. We think that having a different view can truly be a distinctive factor in our community. Comoda wants to make the Food Industry fun and unique rather than following in the shadow of other groups.

This guidebook was created to house all the resources for Comoda and its counterparts things such as promotion guides, alliance requirements can be found here! This guidebook is updated when needed and can be changed at any moment without notice.

Affiliate Information

Alliances are truly a core counterpart in the Food Industry on Roblox, therefore we don’t want to lock down all of the possible potential for all of our new friends out there! :open_hands:

100 members inside of your group. (Goes without saying, no bots.)
Follow the Roblox Terms of Service
No Free-ranking and or selling of ranks above “Needing Training” status.
Have a good reputation within the Food Industry and or other industries connected.
Have continual growth.
Ability to provide at least 3 representatives.
Willing to announce any of Comoda’s events.

No exceptions will be made to any of these requirements.

Congratulations, if you made it to the application portion I am glad that you have made it this far. Comoda values information-rich answers rather than dragged-on paragraphs that repeat the beginning statement. To submit your application please have it in a Google Document and send it to any Chief Community Officer!

  1. What is the name of your establishment?
  2. How can you benefit us as an alliance?
  3. How can we benefit you as an alliance?
  4. What makes you special and or unique to others in the industry you are in?
  5. Provide 3 Representatives(They will be contacted with the results of this application)
  6. Do you agree that we can terminate this alliance for any reason?
  7. Do you agree that if we are to change our requirements you will be given 96 hours to meet the new requirements?
Conduct Code

Respect :muscle:
We ask that you show everyone respect no matter how they treat you outside of Comoda, inside of Comoda respect is to be given to everyone no matter their views, gender, orientation and more.

Safety :shield:
We ask that all personal information of a person is not shared in Comoda, also alongside safety, we ask that only links from be sent into our community.

Advertising :confused:
We don’t need our community members getting those pesky unsolicited advertisements in our games.

Promotion Guide

This will be released when the game is released.


Sessions have not started.

Community Outreach

Comoda Community outreach is a program we created to listen to our community and occurs every second Sunday. We cover a bunch of suggestions and what will be happening to them as well as rule changes if any, normally followed after an event.

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