Company starting up on Roblox looking for any type of developer

Bradling Studios

About Us

Hi there! We are Bradling Studios, a small upcoming game development studio. We’re looking for any developers willing to work for a company I have invested around 2000 dollars usd in so far.

About The Job

Please read our employee documentation if you are interested.
employee documentation LINK google doc The only links that are in the doc is a roblox dev ex link and a discord server link.

Contact Us

Discord server is in the documentation.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I am the ceo of the company that is why I am investing into it. (It starting up on Roblox and later on we are gonna work on developments outside of Roblox(Steam games, Dedicated Servers, ect…)

Are you looking for moderators?

Yes, join the discord and direct message Bailey our community manager.

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