Comparing Enum Name with Enum Value

Hello DevForum,
I’m interested in learning how you can compare the value of an enum and the enum value of that enum category. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  • My Inventory System needs to work by using the inventory slot number and convert it to an enum value for comparison against a InputObject Keycode Enum. This is how I’m achieving that (summary):
    KeyCodeEnumValue = Slot Number + 48
    (for example, slot 1 would now have the enum value 49 which is the enum value for Enum.KeyCode.One)

The Developer Hub doesn’t seem to explore the possibility of performing the following:
CorrectKeyCode = (KeycodeEnumValue == Enum.KeyCode.One)

I would like to know if there’s any way to compare an Enum Name with an Enum Value. If what I’m saying is a bit confusing, look at the table here.

My current code is as follows:
local CorrectKeybind = (InputObject.KeyCode == KeybindKeyCodeValue)

However, since InputObject.KeyCode = Enum.KeyCode.One and KeybindKeyCodeValue = 49, I’m not too sure how to approach this issue. I’d rather not convert numbers into full names of digits, because that’s just inelegant.

Ah, managed to find a new page on the Developer Hub.
Instead of using:
local CorrectKeybind = (InputObject.KeyCode == KeybindKeyCodeValue)

I am now using:
local CorrectKeybind = (InputObject.KeyCode.Value == KeybindKeyCodeValue)

Should’ve thought of that earlier.