Completely Unable to Open Roblox Studio

I know this isn’t scripting support, but I’ve looked everywhere for an answer to this problem and have found nothing, so I’m just hoping someone here can help me.

I’ve been recently experiencing a really infuriating issue with studio where it will literally never let me open it. Whenever I try, I’m met with an error message saying “Failed to load settings with 403. Please restart studio or contact support if the problem persists.” This has been happening for a week. I have contacted support multiple times and they have not gotten me any closer to fixing this. I have restarted my computer multiple times. I have reinstalled Roblox, reinstalled Studio, and even wiped all Roblox files from my computer and NOTHING WORKS.

I do know that an error 403 means that your account has been suspended, and I was recently suspended, but the thing is the suspension has been lifted. I’m able to join any Roblox game, and I was able to launch Studio from this account on another device, so I’m genuinely at a loss here. If you have any idea how to fix this PLEASE help, I’m desperate here over here.


Error 403 means that the request to open Roblox Studio was forbidden, and reauthentication is impossible, anything related to your computer hardware may be forbidden, but i’m not sure as this has never happened to me.

So I guess contact roblox support, and research some more.

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im not sure, it’s happened to me multiple times all i did was keep on opening until it was working.
I’m pretty sure it was a different error code from 403 but like a similar problem has happened to me

and also i see that your name is resetted. was it intentional or roblox actually resetted it i think that might be the problem related to being suspended [not sure]
but take more advice from the other guy that replied before me.

Yeah. My name was reset about a week ago, which is when the problem started occurring. I was suspended, but the suspension has been lifted. I’m able to play and games I want or launch studio on another device, so I think it might be an issue with my IP address? Not sure how plausible this is, I’m kinda grasping at straws here

yeah idk man, ask roblox like that other guy said. good luck man

Found the solution from another post.

If you’re on Windows, go to the Registry Editor and then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE and deleting the key called Roblox .


Thanks dude. I appreciate it so much.

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