Complex: 91 Update 1.2.90 - "The Exploration Update"

Complex: 91 Update Log


Update 1.2.90 - "The Exploration Update"

Update On: 5/31/2019

Notable Additions:

  • Fire Suppression & Fire Alert System.
  • Vehicle Bay for Heavy Trucks, Military Vehicles, & Helicopters.
  • Holographic Jeep Tracking.
  • Expanded Complex: 91 into 2 sectors:
    • Sector-0 :: Home base for Complex: 91. All main facility operations are housed in this area. Heavy Vehicle Garage is also located in this area.
    • Sector-1 :: Smaller area that is home to the GOC Forward Operations Base & Complex: 91 Power Substation.
  • Added Crane to Gate Beta:
    • In addition to the crane, crates have been added that can be lifted and moved by the crane onto trucks.
    • Crates consist of: Cargo Crates, Dinitrogen Tetroxide Canisters, and Large Cargo Crates. All have potential future uses.


  • Changed the Look of the Interaction UI.
  • Fixed the SD Team Changer Selection Button.
  • Fixed the fall damage module. (Changes based on tick() and not wait() now)
  • Changed the color of the Interaction UI’s text.
  • Optimized User Interface.
  • Fixed Camera Bug for Gun Recoil.
  • Tools Delete Upon Player Death.
  • New Animations.
  • All Team Spawns Added to the Appropriate Places. (Some team spawns will be moved in future updates)



With the addition of this update, the Complex: 91 Development Team is proud to release the Beta version to the public officially. There will be many more updates to come before the game is officially completed. We ask you to help advertise the game everywhere (any social media platform, game chat, etc) to help us get you what you want. We’re building the greatest roleplay site in Roblox SCPF History.

We Secure. We Contain. We Protect.

~ Lead Developer, snorebear

Special Thanks to Those Who Made the Update Possible:

@snorebear (Lead Developer & Programmer), @creeperJ1010 (Programmer & Modeler), MysticMalu (Modeler), @Tasama (Animator), and @KnownMonarch (GFX)

Game Link: Complex: 91 [BETA] - Roblox


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