Complications regarding the welding of my skinned MeshPart to my rig

Good evening!

Recently I’ve modeled a Darth Vader morph for a project I’m working on and thought I could increase its appearance through the utilization of mesh deformation. Though this has worked for the most part, with both leg bones correctly deforming the MeshPart, I, unfortunately, ran into complications with the hip (LowerTorso). Though I’m not sure this is entirely correct, the way I’ve set this up was by welding the skinned MeshPart to the LowerTorso, using a weld as I normally do when creating morphs.

(“lowerrobe” was the name given to the skinned MeshPart)

(contents of the skinned MeshPart “lowerrobe”)

Though the bones are deforming the skinned MeshPart correctly, it seems to be ‘locked’ to the LowerTorso which I believe is caused by the Welding of the two parts but I’m not sure how else to connect it to the morph. What I had intended to happen was for the bones to deform the mesh following the default r15 rig attachments, without following transformations of the LowerTorso.
(a gif of the leg bones deforming the mesh correctly)
(a gif displaying an example of the MeshPart being locked to the LowerTorso)

(bones placed in the location I wanted the mesh to deform)

I’ve been searching for solutions through various topics on the dev forum and community servers with unfortunately with no luck in finding a solution to the issues I’m facing. I have little to no knowledge in rigging and mesh deformation, it’s something I’m trying to learn and understand, and hopefully use in my own games.

If you have any ideas on how I could go about correcting this issue I’d be eternally grateful if you contact me via discord (scar#0123) or simply replying to this post.

Thank you!