Composition Log Day 4

Hello everyone and welcome to a sort of unique little experiment by me. I’ve seen a lot of devlogs around and decided I would try one myself. Unfortunately, I can’t make games. However, I can make music. So, I have decided to make this daily composition log to document my progress in making a free music asset for anyone to use. I will be dedicating an hour every day to creating this song and I expect to be working on it for quite a while, so buckle up and get ready for some wonderful musical action.

I didn’t get to work on day 4 on day 4 because I was busy yesterday, but I made up for it by working on both day 4 and 5 today. This thread follows day 4’s progress. I basically completely remade the beginning of theme B because I wasn’t satisfied with how it was turning out. Now it’s much better.

The feeling I’m going for is a sort of Mozarty sound. Very airy and classical.

Important Note: I am making this free asset on my own time because I want to. If you want to hire me I will require payment.

Anyway, that’s all. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you tomorrow with the next update.


Wow, this is good… really soes reminds me of mozart. Consider adding a bass and harmony? Game music often does accentuate the bass.