[Compound 8] | Credits/Attributions and Rules


Compound - 8 is a roleplay game that is based off of the well known SCP community. In this game, you can raid the facility to your heart’s content, or work to protect the facility to earn massive amounts of Credits and XP. You can explore a vast world of roleplay, with complex XP and Credit systems, custom teams and rank unlocks, and much more.


  • Do not exploit
  • Breaching anomalies unless you’re a hostile entity, (dawn breakers or test subject,) is not allowed
  • Respect the rulebook
  • Random killing or spawn killing is not allowed - we’re working on a way to circumvent this
  • Follow the ROBLOX’s Terms of Use
  • Follow ROBLOX’s Community Guidelines
  • Do not advertise


Here at Compound - 8, we take our rules very seriously. If you are caught breaking any of these, you will be at risk of a kick, ban, or blacklist. DM a High Command from our group with proof if someone breaks one of these rules, or report it in one of our servers.

This game is in alpha and everything is subject to change, meaning these rules will be updated, and new policies will be enforced. Thank you.