Concept for an "FPS" - Fungible Photography

I’ve been messing around with this concept for a game recently that I’m calling “Fungible Photography.”

The basic premise is that every “weapon” is this camera, which is paired with a special ability. Thinking along the lines of Splatoon, this would make it easier to implement special abilities through different camera customizations.

[Link to Proof of Concept Video] (Fungible Photography - Proof of Concept Clip - YouTube)

In the current proof of concept, all the players are placed into a map where endless waves of NPCs spawn for them to target and destroy, in a sort of ‘kill the most to win’ gamestyle. I plan to add more modes in the future, such as a team deathmatch, but I mostly wanted to get some proper feedback on the current version and ask for any tips/tricks that may make development easier.

Thanks for your time!


This sounds like a really interesting game, One thing though, the name isn’t super memorable and its a bit long. You could give the game a bit of backstory and call it something like “Photo Phantoms” or “Photo Loco”

Otherwise its great

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