Concept mining vehicle I made

Hi fellow devs,
For many days i’ve been working on this Concept mining vehircle I call the heli miner,
and its even equiped for the road in a convoy as images below

Please give feedback


Woah this looks amazing!

How does it mine?

Make it s p i n

That said it looks great.

the wheels go up

then a belt in the engine room, makes the 4 arms\ blades spin

and then the rowers spin to start digging


This Looks Great! how would it drive? i see the wheels but im confused still, and does it spin

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it spins round when actually its 5 parts that spin

only thing is there is no scripts its just a concept

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Amazing, hopefully soon I can see it working for myself :slight_smile:

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when it needs to get moved, the wheels on 2 ends turn 90*

it spins by a belt in the engine room which is conected to 4 blades

I might put it up for display, the only down side is it doesn’t work as there are no scripts

That Looks sick, nice detail you added, I would like but I cant like any posts intill 5 hrs since ive like to many posts

It looks really nice! Did you model parts of it in blender? It looks really good for Roblox! Great work.

Thanks, some parts yes, like the tires, gears and spikes to the rowers etc. Yeah they were made in blender
then put together in studio.

That looks terrifying, I love it. Though kind of confusing how it would mine with those drills going to 4 different directions.

Thanks, so the drills spin round separately thirst

then the main part spins so it goes round in one direction

Ah, so it’s more like area mining instead of directional mining?

You should use some constraints such as Motors / Hinges / Servos. They are mostly based on Roblox physics, and are easy to script. Maybe use them to make at least the mining-cylinder-things move.

Other than that, incredible job!

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Great idea, but is there a tutorial for scripting motors / hinges / servos, because I know how to add them but not script them.

If you know the basics of scripting, you could do something like this for a motor:

local motor = -- your motor

motor.AngularVelocity = -- how fast you want it

And vice versa.

Also, I don’t think there are many big tutorials for scripting constraints and such, as you only need some basic scripting skill to know how.

I am amazed! what do you use to create these models?

thanks, half of it is blender and half of it is studio

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