Conference Center - Admin Guide

In order to use the admin console, you must press the “;” keybind to open the console.
Once the console is open, you are able to run a series of commands depending on your rank.


Conference Manager is the owner of the private server, they are able to appoint players to new teams, kick, ban, and use the togglemic command.

Conference Guard is the security team of the game. They are not given admin commands. Guards are given access to the staff room, and a weapon to enforce people with.

Conference Staff are members of the staff team appointed by the Conference Manager. They act as moderators to the session, and are allowed to kick, ban, team, and use the microphone. Staff are also able to toggle the microphone for other users.

Conference VIP are people who are important to the conference or court session. They are not given admin.

Conference Visitor are players who may act as spectators. They are not admins/moderators of the game.


This command can be ran by Conference Staff. Staff members can turn microphones on/off for other users by running “togglemic name on/off” in the admin console.

This command can be ran by Conference Staff. Use this to kick trollers or exploiters.

This command can be ran by Conference Staff. Use this to ban trollers or exploiters.

This command can be used by Conference Staff. Conference Staff are only able to team people to Conference VIP, Conference Guard, and Conference Visitor.