Confused on what this type of weapon accuracy means

I’m confused on what this exactly means, here’s an example.


The accuracy of this weapon has a value listed, meaning that the accuracy of it is 155, the higher the value the better the accuracy. My question is, how would I implement a system that if I were to put a number value, it would have better accuracy, or worse if the number is lower, so I would be able to have a menu with accuracy listed and it make sense and not be misleading?

if you defined a maximum accuracy of like 1000, a weapon with an accuracy of 155 could have a chance of 155/1000 to land dead center to where the user is aiming, or could miss (1000-155)/1000 shots taken, etc.

I don’t think that’s exactly how the system works, how else could it possibly work?

maybe by defining a bloom factor? if you used some variable to represent the conical angle from the players’ gun that the bullets will be randomly sprayed in, the weapon’s accuracy could determine how tight the angle is by some ratio

Yeah that could be it, I’ll see what I can figure out thanks.

I know this is weird but you could research on Accurizing - Wikipedia

No worries, I’ll read up on it and see what I can learn from it.