Confusion on an if statement in my code

Hello fellow developers,
I’m optimizing a plugin I’m hoping will be substantial enough to provide to the Roblox community and have an if statement in my code I was unsure about as I’m not 100% on how it works or if it even does anything. The line of code is as follows,

if tonumber(string) then

I was looking over it and wasn’t sure it this does what I’m trying to accomplish. Essential you have the string and the if statement checks if the string is a number. I looked over some documentation and wasn’t sure if this is right. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advanced.

If statements that don’t have a “==” condition check if the expression passed is explicitly not false nor nil. What tonumber does is it checks if the provided value can be represented as a number, and if it can, it returns the numeric version. If it cannot be casted to a number, it returns nil, meaning the expression effectively evaluates to false.


Thank you, wanted to make sure that using “if tonumber()” would provide exactly what you said, thanks for the clarification.