Connecting 2 arguments together?

I am making this script where you input your name and you have to enter your wanted team you want to join but problem is that team have spaces in-between, for example Security Corps. Because of this I’m not sure how I can make the script see it as 1 argument than 2

Just encase them in brackets

["Security Corps"]

This will exclude any special symbols/spaces in them

To add onto this, do not include a . before the brackets

Don’t: game.Workspace.[“Example Thing”].Transparency

Do: game.Workspace[“Example Thing”].Transparency

game.Teams["Security Corps"]

Something tells me that this is something for admin commands :stuck_out_tongue:

if you are splitting the string at spaces, then simply just use the double dot operator to add string arguments together

local argument1 = "Security" 
local argument2 = "Corps"
local teamName = argument1 .. " " .. argument2 -- use .. to connect the strings
print(teamName) -- "Security Corps"

If you’re not sure how many arguments there are, just use a for loop

local arguments = {"Security", "Corps", "Team!", "Woo!"}
local teamName = ""
for i,str in ipairs(arguments) do
    if i > 1 then
        teamName = teamName.." "..str --adds a space between
        teamName = str -- first argument, does not add a space
print(teamName) --"Security Corps Team! Woo!"