Connecting ROBLOX to Discord

How would I get a Discord BOT (not a webhook) to send a message in a channel if a player has typed in a specific thing in-game? More context: I’ve been trying to make an application center and when the player submits their application, I want it to have a Discord Bot (like I said, not a webhook) to send a message in a specific channel. I already know how to do everything for this except the part where I send information to the Discord Bot from a ROBLOX game (not a webhook). Any help is appreciated.

On the webserver that you are hosting the Discord Bot on, you need to set up an API so that ROBLOX can communicate to it via HttpService (

Once you have your API set up and have it handle POST requests, you can now make the request to the API from Roblox and your data will be handled by your defined specifications.

Please note that if you use this system as a logging service, this would be against Discords ToS.

To get started with such a project, I would look up tutorials on how to set up something lightweight like a simple Flask application on Python. Look up “REST API Crash Course” and you will find a good video regarding this.

My Discord bot is hosted on Heroku which is linked via github. How would I communicate to it via ROBLOX? (I’m not that good with API/HTTP stuff)