Connecting XBOX 360 Controller to Studio

How do I connect my Xbox 360 Controller to Studio to test?

I’m trying to make my game console compatible.


Should just be a USB connector, and possibly reopening Studio if it doesn’t detect it.

Could something like this do

Yes, I use an xbox 360 wired for testing

As long as it says it is compatible with PCs.

Not sure what brands you have available, but in my country, the almost-exclusive brand for PC-compatible Xbox 360 controllers is Afterglow.

Just plug it in to the USB and depending if it’s Xbox One or Xbox 360 install the drivers from the microsoft site. Any questions feel free to respond to the thread or PM me!

XBox one controllers work just by plugging into the PC via a Micro-USB cable. If you specifically want to connect your 360 to your PC for testing if it’s wired you should be fine just by plugging it directly into your PC. If it’s wireless you’ll need to buy an Xbox 360 PC adapter like this one:

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