Connection between me & ROBLOX slowing down

For some unknwon reason every now and again the connection between me and slows down to the point where i can’t browse the site, this also effects loading assets in studio.

The picture below shows what it looks like when I do let the home page load up.

My internet is fine, I can open Youtube, Trello, Steam, etc all together within a second.

I usually have to wait a few hours for roblox to go back to normal.

I’ve got Internet like yours an live an almost equal distance away from America.
I don’t get these problems so it must be your ISP.

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I sometimes have those issues too, although it has severely reduced since a month or so.

I go through the same provider (a BT phone line) but still somehow I manage to get a better connection. My parents are playing games, and my sister is streaming a video, so this isn’t particularly correct:

I also get similar things happening every so often, but the page doesn’t have weird artefacts, it’s just that it takes FOREVER to load.

I have recently also been experiencing this, only happens to roblox.

The same things happens to me from time to time. Whilst it’s rare, it does get annoying. Page loading times also seem to skyrocket for me, sometimes. For example, I’ll be browsing the ROBLOX forum when all of a sudden it takes 30 - 60 seconds to load a thread’s page.

However, unlike the original poster, any issues I encounter don’t go on for that long. Usually everything will be back to normal in five minutes or so. :uhhh: