Conquering the Bulletin Board

I have done it! I have began my reign over the bulletin board. Here I will say things and none shall stand in my way (hence why there is no way to reply to the board) which means I can remain undefeated in my reign of glory!
Enjoy my rigged character in a cool pose with a flag declaring glory and independence.
climbing on the bulletin board


We have taken the Roblox Support man hostage!


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don’t ask why the hands are floating, i rigged this horribly and couldn’t move them correctly. I’ll rig it better next time you can trust me!

haha get it? you can trust me because my name has “trust” in it!

actually my name says " trust no one" so hmm… cant trust me now :doh:

We shall continue our quest of taking over the bulletin board in this thread!

We will declare independence and become our very own thread

I concur with this series of events, we shall start our journey

hey i just wondered something: there is two emojis with the same look- :123: :swag:

Yeah hopefully they fix it or something as it is standing in our path and our journey

so sorry for missing two days! I will catch up soon.

The bulletin board is ours, we have taken full control!

yay glory is ours! bulletin board is ours.

you said the same thing twice in a row, noob.

sorry man im tired and i cant be bothered by you haha.

oops was missing for a few days without posting here AGAIN aw man.

Wait is Roblox supported on Linux?

Also I wonder in the future if Roblox will have a major change in its website.

Maybe it would be another catalog change just like how they changed it to avatar shop.

Also why is it called avatar shop if the web page is still