Constant Error on Studio

ERROR running in the studio

So how would I fix this? It didn’t start doing this until recently, does anyone know to a solution to this problem?

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Weird, is there by any chance that a script is cousing this? Like you know, from a free model or a plugin.

I’m 100% sure I got no free models or any plugins that would cause, it just did it recently.

Does this still happen even if you open up another place and run it?

You never know, sometimes plugins become depreciated, or the owner is compromised and the plugins are updated to cause errors purposely. I recommend uninstalling plugins that:

  1. have a suspicious developer/owner.
  2. you installed recently.
  3. were updated recently
  4. you don’t need.

If you’re still having problems, uninstall all your plugins one by one, until the problem is resolved. I recommend you report the plugin to ROBLOX, since it’s causing an array of errors in your studio, so they can terminate the plugin until the developer publishes a fixed version.

If this does help you, please make sure to mark it as a solution.

God bless.

Yep. I’ve done all I could, disabled all script, disabled all plugins, and still does it.

I have heard Roblox Studio has had issues with corrupted files, configs, etc. in the past. If this still happens in other places/games, you should reinstall Roblox Studio to ensure it’s updated, and has fresh files.

If this does help you, please make sure to mark it as a solution.

God bless.

Testing all given solutions right now.

Can you show the full screenshot? Usually there is a tab which tells from where the warn is coming from.

It’s a back door script that uses RunService to determine whether if you are on Studio or game. Scan all your plugins and scripts.

If you wanna update the game it will be alt+p

How do I scan my plugins? I only have 3 plugins :I

Disable them and see if the error comes, if it does there’s a problem with your plugins. If not, problem with your game.