Constraint Tools 2.0 | Weld and make joints between parts!

This is a simple plugin that allows you to weld two or more parts together with a simple click.


Get it here: Constraint Tools 2.0 - Roblox

How to Use

Select parts you want to weld together.

At the Studio topbar, in the Plugins tab, select one of the options. For this example, I will choose “Create Weld”.

Parts should now be welded together with Weld.

(Pro Tip: The first part selected will be used as the main parent where the welds will be located at.)

Create Joint (Example)

For this example, this is what happens when you click “Create Joint”.
This will create Motor6Ds.

Add Weld (Example)

What happens if you click “Add Weld”.

More Options (Example)

What happens if you click “More Options”. You get more options!


How it works
Pre-requisite: Select two or more parts.

In the More Options menu, select any other constraint option. Then, the constraint should have joined parts together.

For this example, I chose “RigidConstraint”, and this was the result:


Remove Welds (Example)

“Remove Welds” button will remove all Motor6D, Welds, WeldConstraints, and RigidConstraints of the selected Parts.

For this example, I selected a Part containing Welds.


Select the Remove Welds button.

The welds should be removed.

Customizable Toolbars!

You are able to customize your favorite constraints, here is how to do it.

  1. Click “More Options”.

  2. Hover over “Favorites” in the menu. Three additional options should appear.

  3. In order from top to bottom are numbered 1-3. Each one corresponds to one of the existing toolbar buttons.

  4. Select your favorite constraint!
    For this example, I chose BallSocketConstraint to replace the 1st toolbar.

The BallSocketConstraint should be on the first toolbar button as what I wanted!

If you leave Studio, then rejoin, it should persist!


  • Ability to add BallSocket/Hinge Constraints!
  • Added the favorites feature!

Feedback is appreciated.
Thank you.


Can you make it so you can create ball socket constraints or others with pre made attachments, and can we use 3 or more parts at once,

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Yes, I will look into adding more constraint options within this plugin. And yes, it is possible to use 3 or more parts at once, here is a picture (after choosing the “Add Rigid” option):

Amazing I am looking forward to get the plug-in.

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  • Added Favorite constraints.
  • BallSocketConstraint
  • HingeConstraint

I will add support for more constraints soon. :smile:

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