Constraints not working on the client?

Hello, I’m trying to use LinearVelocity and AngularVelocity to make some parts spin and it probably makes sense to have this done on the client since it’s not for anything important, however, for some reason when it’s done on the client the constraints aren’t doing anything. I tested the code on the server and it worked fine, but it’s probably inefficient to have it on the server.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the code, but here it is anyways.

local function Spin(part)
	part.Anchored = false

	local attachment ="Attachment")
	attachment.Parent = part

	local lv ="LinearVelocity")
	lv.Attachment0 = attachment
	lv.MaxForce = math.huge
	lv.VectorVelocity =,0,0)
	lv.RelativeTo = Enum.ActuatorRelativeTo.Attachment0
	lv.Parent = part

	local av ="AngularVelocity")
	av.Attachment0 = attachment
	av.AngularVelocity =,8)/2,math.random(-8,8)/2,math.random(-8,8)/2)
	av.MaxTorque = math.random(400,800)
	av.RelativeTo = Enum.ActuatorRelativeTo.Attachment0
	av.Parent = part	

for _,model in ipairs(UIAssets:GetChildren()) do
	if model:IsA("Model") and model.Name == "Cube" then