Constraints pulling apart under weight

I am trying to build a proper rope with many small cylinders connected by ball socket constraints. When I tested the rope alone it worked as expected.

See photo:

However, when I attached a weight (even a small one) to the rope, in this case a ragdoll, at a certain point the constraints buckle and pull apart from each other dropping the weight to the floor.

See photo:

Solutions tried:

  • Setting the rope cylinders to massless
  • Setting the ragdoll to massless
  • Increasing the density of the cylinders
  • Adding rope constraints between each cylinder
  • Attaching the ragdoll with rope constraints instead of weld constraints and vice versa

Is there anything I’m missing?


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Have you tried tweaking the properties of ball sockets?

I have adjusted the Max Friction Torque to something similar to the mass of the weight it’s attempting to pull and that’s pretty much fixed it.

Thank you

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