Constructive Criticism on Haunebu UFO

Will keep it short and simple. I want criticism on this UFO i make, What to add/modify.
Go crazy!


Is this a showcase? If lag isn’t a problem for you, then having bolts on the corners of each panel would make it look much more realistic.

This looks really cool! Adding onto what Somnar said above, if this is a showcase for your building skill, more detail could always help not that it’s not already very detailed. It would also help if you linked to a game where we could check this out for ourselves.

Is it a mesh or all built out of part instances? If it’s made out of part instances, lag might become an issue.

For the rocket launcher, maybe have it at a angle? So it is facing up in the sky?

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It looks very realistic and great but put more lighting

Lighting really depends on the atmosphere the builder wants.

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I want you guys to judge the UFO specifically, i added the background for atmosphere and pictures.

Thanks for judging so far, i made many changes!

That’s an amazing ufo!
It looks very good! I think it would need a bit more light but the model is amazing